Freshly Roasted Artisan Coffee

Big 5 Coffee Roasters have perfected their Blends for milk based coffees, plus throughout the year we offer various single origin coffees that showcase a particular region, variety of coffee, or even a particular grower.

Our Single Origin offerings are selected after much research and are carefully roasted on our select small batch roaster. These single origins are exceptional for black espresso & a number of various brew methods.

There's also plenty of coffee to take home - 250g, 500g & 1kg bags, as well as brew gear, chai, teas, chocolate and more!!

Discover The Big 5

Roasting takes place weekly to make sure our Coffee is at its best when served. Our beans are all Arabica sourced from sustainable regions around the World. The roasting process includes an additional cleaning process to ensure you get a clean fresh tasting cup.

Coffee Discovery Gift Pack

Looking for that perfect gift for that Coffee lover? Our discovery gift pack contains a 250g pack of our Roar blend plus a 250g pack of our Rage blend. You can then choose a 250g bag of either our light roast “Whisper” blend or “Stampede” our light/medium roast of the medium roast or Leap or medium roast.

Roar (Medium Roast)

A Medium Roast , Signature Blend with caramel overtones, chocolate richness, full resonating body and a subtle floral aroma perfectly balanced with a fine long finish. The Roar is reminiscent of the Lion one wants to experience first when on Safari in the African wilderness. The crowd pleaser in our Big 5 range. A popular choice with our partner Cafés.

Rage (Dark Roast)

A Classic Dark Roast, bold and punchy, a slightly stronger full-bodied blend with rich flavorful caramel and a toasty dark chocolate notes with a smooth aftertaste. This is great for those who like to get fired up and ready to go in the morning! Popular amongst most home brewers.

Whisper (Organic Light Roast)

An Organic, Lighter Roast. Soft acidity combines beautiful richness with and unforgettable subtle cocoa aftertaste. This is an excellent espresso or low bodied milk coffee. As authentic, as gentle and subtle as the quiet approach of an Elephant.

Leap (Organic Decaf)

An Organic Medium Strength, Fruity, Mountain Water Processed Chemical Free Coffee. Soft acidity combines beautiful richness with and unforgettable subtle cocoa aftertaste. This is an excellent espresso or low bodied milk coffee. The Leap is as well disguised as an elusive Leopard resting in a shady tree.

Stampede (Single Origin)

A variety of Single Origins sourced from the most highly regarded, ethical and sustainable coffee farms around the World. A distinguished Light/Medium Roast, perfect for that Long Black, V60, Cold Brew and even a light tasting milk based coffee, separating you from the herd. Our Single Origins vary each week so get hold of us to see which is available. Most weeks Ethiopian and Colombian will be available.

Wholesale Coffee Supplies

At Big 5 Coffee Roasters we source and roast quality Arabica green beans, share our passion and knowledge all things Coffee with our partners who love exceptional Coffee. By providing the freshest, quality artisan roasted coffee to you.

We believe in building and maintaining relationships with all our partners helping out where we can to ensure they serve amazing coffee to their customers.